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The Biology and Conservation of Australasian Bats

Edited by Bradley Law, Peggy Eby, Daniel Lunney and Lindy Lumsden

The Biology and Conservation of Australasian Bats follows from the successful 3-day forum of the same name held in April 2007 at the Australian Museum. The forum was organised jointly by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW and the Australasian Bat Society.

In contrast to Europe and North America, where the small insectivorous bats (microbats) comprise the entire bat fauna, Australasia also has a diverse suite of flying-foxes and blossom bats (megabats). This book is aimed at highlighting the diversity, complexity and conservation of these nocturnal mammals. The initial set of participants in the forum comprised bat experts from across Australasia, with several overseas visitors also contributing to increasing knowledge on Australasian bats. Mark Brigham also adds an international dimension in his foreword. In addition, some papers were contributed by bat specialists who could not attend the forum. One of the special features of the forum was the contribution of some of the pioneers of Australian bat research.

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Australian Zoologist Special Issue (Volume 34 Issue 3) 2008

Ecology and Conservation of Australian Bell Frogs.

Special edition edited by Ross Goldingay and Will Osborne

The Green and Golden Bell Frog was once common around Sydney, however it disappeared precipitously from much of its former range in just two decades or less. In 1995, the plight of this species was highlighted in a symposium which brought together biologists and community members with a concern for the conservation of the species. Ten years on, another symposium was convened to consider what had been achieved in the interim toward conserving this species. Southern Bell Frogs were also included in the symposium because of their threatened status at the national level. This special edition of Australian Zoologist stems from the 2006 symposium.

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The Natural History of Sydney

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Pat Hutchings and Dieter Hochuli 2010

Sydney has a unique natural history, providing a home for iconic animals and plants while remaining a global city. The city captured the imagination of prominent naturalists and inspired visits and collecting trips to the infant colony of New South Wales in the late 1790s and early to late 1800s. From these collections flowed great descriptive works detailing the new and unusual animals and plants of the antipodes. Throughout Sydney, there are still places where the natural habitat has not been supplanted by urban growth, and the interest in Sydney’s endemic flora and fauna remains strong. The Natural History of Sydney reflects a resurgence in interest in local history and pursues the natural history of our harbour-side city in a modern framework.

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Ecology meets Physiology: A Gordon Grigg festschrift

Australian Zoologist (Volume 35 Issue 2) 2010

Theme edition edited by Lyn Beard, Daniel Lunney, Hamish McCallum and Craig Franklin

Gordon Grigg’s physiological career has spanned a wide variety of interests, beginning with his initial research on the physiology of Queensland lungfish, before broadening to include questions as diverse as the shape of magnetic termite mounds and the evolution of endothermy. Simultaneously, he has led almost a separate, parallel career in ecology and conservation.

Gordon retired as a professor of zoology at the University of Queensland in August 2007. In honour of his retirement and zoological life, a large group of colleagues and friends gathered for a weekend symposium to give presentations – all inspired by their association with Gordon. Those papers form this theme edition of Australian Zoologist.

Ecology meets Physiology: A Gordon Grigg festschrift


Too close for comfort
Edited by Daniel Lunney, Adam Munn, and Will Meikle 2008

People both care for and clash with our wildlife, mostly depending on location, species and the nature of the perceived problem. Contentious issues arise when we think that a particular encounter was too close for comfort. That sensation can cut both ways: either we are too close to the animal or it is too close to us. Roadkill, wildlife tourism, zoos, urban wildlife and iconic species that are difficult to manage are all contentious issues stemming from human-wildlife encounters. Too close for comfort addresses these issues and more.

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Pest or Guest: the zoology of overabundance
Edited by Daniel Lunney, Peggy Eby, Pat Hutchings and Shelley Burgin 2007

ISBN 978 0 9803272 1 2

In an era when the decline in biodiversity is widely presented as an extinction crisis, there exists the converse problem of overabundance both of native species and alien invading species. Exotic pest species are one of the main threats to the conservation of Australia’s biodiversity. Some arrived as welcome guests, such as cane toads or deer, when the ecology of invasions had been little studied. The 2005 forum of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales was entitled: Pest or Guest: the zoology of overabundance. It has remained as the title of this book. With cane toads there is now no ambiguity. They are a pest, they are reviled and they are conspicuously non Australian, yet in 1935 they entered as a guest species in became a failed attempt at the control of a beetle in the sugar cane crops. By contrast, many native species have been regarded as a pest in some locations at some periods, but here the definition of pest is more problematic, at the very least it generates a robust discussion. At the outer extreme is the concept of too many people. It is one of the world’s most pressing ecological problems, yet one where there is the least satisfactory resolution. The ecological reasoning is the same for cane toads, native species or people. The issue is the concept of overabundance. You too can form an opinion of the topics from the questions asked in the plenary session.

850 grams 270 pages

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Animals of Arid Australia: out on their own?
Edited by Chris Dickman, Daniel Lunney and Shelley Burgin 2007

ISBN 978 0 9803272 0 5

This book records an RZS forum that discussed whether the animals of arid Australia are 'out on their own' in terms of their unique adaptations for desert life, our distant view of them, and their prospects for the future. The arid zone of Australia is simply too large, too diverse and covered by too many jurisdictions to be encompassed by a single view. It was therefore appropriate that the forum drew together a wide range of skills and outlooks on the history, fauna and management of the arid lands of Australia. As editors, we were dazzled by wonderful photos in scientific presentations. We are delighted to be able to show the arid zone, and the animals in particular, in all their gorgeous colours, as well as to present images of how work is carried out by various researchers. All of this visual material contributes to our grasp of this vast stretch of Australia that is the home to so few Australians. We look forward to a blooming of interest in arid Australia, its diverse fauna and its diverse players. This book was published to promote that interest.

850 grams 240 pages

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Conservation of Australia’s Forest Fauna: Second Edition
Edited by Daniel Lunney 2004

ISBN 0 9586085 8 X

An all new, fully revised and outstanding series of papers on current issues in the conservation of forest fauna. The book contains over 1000 pages and more than 60 articles from Australia’s leading forest ecologists. This volume is essential for anyone interested in the management of our forest wildlife. At only $75 this book offers enormous value for money.

3kg grams 1100 pages

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$60 (AUD)

Threatened Species Legislation: is it just an Act?
Edited by Pat Hutchings, Daniel Lunney and Chris Dickman 2004

ISBN 0 9586085 9 8

A collection of papers from the 2003 Royal Zoological Society forum in which speakers addressed different aspects of threatened species legislation, from the question of assessing the certainty of the scientists on the committees which decide which species should be on the lists, to the impact on various affected parties, including government agencies, consultants and community groups. A centerpiece is the view from those who look at the effectiveness of the law, whether from the legal angle or from the biologist coming to grips with the law as an instrument to conserve biodiversity.

700 grams 250 pages

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$60 (AUD)

Urban Wildlife: more than meets the eye
Edited by Daniel Lunney & Shelley Burgin 2004

ISBN 0 9586085 7 1

A series of papers resulting from a 1 day forum held in October 2001 by the Royal Zoological Society. The chapters in this book are at the cutting edge of research into urban wildlife and collect as much information as is currently available on understanding and managing our urban wildlife. The stories and information contained will be invaluable to those who love to see animals in the city and those who have the job of managing creatures who have chosen to live with us.

700 grams 250 pages

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$60 (AUD)

Conservation of Marine Environments: out of sight, out of mind
Edited by Pat Hutchings & Daniel Lunney 2003

ISBN 0 9586085 6 3

A series of papers resulting from a 1 day forum held in October 2002 by the Royal Zoological Society. This book is a high water mark in capturing the range of skills that are needed to see and conserve out marine environments.

<500 grams 140 pages

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$60 (AUD)

Managing the Grey-headed Flying-fox as a Threatened Species in NSW
Edited by Peggy Eby and Daniel Lunney 2002

ISBN 0 9586085 4 7

Proceedings of a special RZS forum held to debate changes to management of the Grey-headed Flying-fox following its listing as a threatened species. This volume explores the controversies surrounding flying-fox management on fruit crops and in camps, and highlights the move toward conservation management.

850 grams 286 pages

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$60 (AUD)

A Clash of Paradigms
Edited by Daniel Lunney, C.R Dickman & Shelley Burgin

ISBN 0 9586085 5 5

Proceedings of a special RZS symposium on involvement of community groups and research-based conservation of flora and fauna . This special issue explores the controversy surrounding these two approaches to conservation, and presents the lively debate that emerged from the forum.

300 grams approx 104 pages

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$60 (AUD)

A Zoological Revolution: using native fauna to assist in its own survival
Edited by Daniel Lunney & C.R Dickman

ISBN 0 9586085 3 9

Proceedings of a special RZS symposium on the revolutionary approach to conservation of using wildlife to ensure it maintains a value in our society. This special issue explores the scope and potential value in the concept as well as ethical and social implications

500 grams approx 175 pages

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$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist December 2006 (Vol33:4)

ISSN 0067 2238

<500 grams, approx 150 pages


$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist June 2006 (Vol33:3)

ISSN 0067 2238

<500 grams, approx 150 pages


$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist December 2005 (Vol33:2)

ISSN 0067 2238

<500 grams, approx 150 pages


$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist June 2005 (Vol33:1)

ISSN 0067 2238

<500 grams, approx 150 pages



$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist February 2003 (Vol32:2)

ISSN 0067 2238

<500 grams, approx 150 pages

Purchase “Australian Zoologist February 2003” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)

Australian Zoologist April 2002 (Vol 32:1)

ISSN 0067 2238

550 grams, approx 200 pages

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$60 (AUD)

A Symposium on the Dingo
Edited by C.R. Dickman & Daniel Lunney

350 grams, 110 pages

This symposium focuses "...on the new dilemma of managing a species fading from existence as a result of hybridisation..." (from the Foreword, Chris Dickman & Daniel Lunney)

ISBN 0 9586085 2 0

Purchase “A Symposium on the Dingo” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


Australian Zoologist July 2001

ISSN 0067 2238

390 grams, approx 120 pages

Purchase “Australian Zoologist July 2001” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


Australian Zoologist December 2000

ISSN 0067 2238

375 grams, approx. 115 pages

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$60 (AUD)


The Other 99%: The Conservation and Biodiversity of Invertebrates
Edited by Winston Ponder & Daniel Lunney

ISBN 0 958 6085 1 2

1360 grams, 454 pages

Purchase “The Other 99%” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


Herpetology in Australia: A Diverse Discipline
Edited by Daniel Lunney & Danielle Ayers

ISBN 0 959 9961 8 8

1300 grams, 414 pages

Purchase “Herpetology in Australia” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


The Future of the Fauna of Western New South Wales
Edited by D. Lunney, S. Hand P. Reed and D. Butcher

ISBN 0 959 9951 9 6

765 grams, 244 pages

Purchase “The Future of the Fauna of Western NSW” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


The Green & Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea: Biology and Conservation
A Special Edition of the Australian Zoologist
Edited by A. White and W. Osborne

ISBN 0 959 6048 5 5 and ISSN 0067-22389

410 grams, 127 pages

Purchase “The Green & Golden Bell Frog” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


People and Nature Conservation: Perspectives on Private Land Use and Endangered Species Recovery
Edited by A. Bennett, G. Backhouse and T. Clark

ISBN 0 646 24507 4

715 grams, 228 pages

Purchase “People and Nature Conservation” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


Ethics, Money and Politics: Modern Dilemmas for Zoology
Edited by D. Lunney and T. Dawson

Is the Biodiversity Tail Wagging the Zoological Dog?
Edited by D. Lunney, T. Dawson and C.R. Dickman

ISBN 0 958 96085 0 4

510 grams, 136 pages

Purchase “Ethics, Money and Politics” online via UNSW Bookshop

$60 (AUD)


Zoology in Court
Edited by D. Lunney

ISBN 0 959 9951 7 X

315 grams, 90 pages

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